Last chance to pick your own!

Our popular 2018 cherry season is nearing an end … this coming weekend (14,15,16,17 Dec) is expected to be the last  that we will be open for you to visit to pick our beautiful cherries.

Open 7:30 am – 1pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The Simone cherries are looking superb with a big crop (much easier picking than the temperamental Samba cherries).

It’s been wonderful to see so many people return to the orchard this year, some for their fourth year and also to meet some new visitors.  We even had two couples who told us they’d travelled 1400 km to pick our cherries!  They were well prepared with eskies to keep their cherries chilled.  Most exciting news was a marriage proposal in the orchard!

You can see some wonderful photos posted by visitors on instagram and facebook #rothfamilyorchard

Planning your visit

It’s best to come early before the heat.  If you are coming this Saturday we do have a large bus group around 10am so you may wish to come early to beat the rush!

We loan you a picking lug and pack the cherries in a stay fresh bag.  If travelling some distance we do suggest you bring a large esky or chiller bag with ice bricks to keep the cherries cool.

Find some friends and family and come visit to pick some fantastic Simone cherries this weekend!






Game on for the 2018 cherry season!

Cherry season is underway – this exciting and nerve-racking time for us…

It’s been a stop-start kind of spring here in Mudgee which has given a staggered start to blossom in the cherry orchards.  A warm snap late September initiated bud break.  Then it turned really cold again – the leaf buds kept on opening while early flower buds opened and others stalled until it warmed up again (a great trick as it protects them from a possible frost).  This meant instead of the spectacular wall white blossom we had a gradual blossom opening mixed with leaf tips.  It’s unusual for us to see this mix of sizeable fruit, young fruit and blossom on a set all at once (pic below) and we’re curious to see how these mature.

After the incredible heat last summer during bud form and the dry, dry drought conditions through Summer-Autumn-Spring it has been truly wonderful to see some much needed rain across the district.  We’re fortunate to have a reliable irrigation source – but it’s just not the same as rain.   The trees and buds showed the signs of that heat-water stress during budform last summer and we are extremely happy to see a good amount of fruit on the trees now.

The bees have been busy working away to pollinate the blossoms as they have opened and we have some good looking fruit.  It’s unusually staggered in development – as some blossom burst early with  a warm spell and then a cold snap slowed down the ret of the blossom.   This is great news for the pick-your-own visitors as there’ll be fruit ripening on several varieties over a longer period of time.

PICK YOUR OWN From 30 Nov (depending on season)  Friday – Monday Mornings

Or we’ll pick for you and deliver around the North West.

See you in the orchard or our and about in the cherry express !


Welcoming our 2017 Cherry Season

It’s that exciting time of year in our cherry orchard! The miracle of bud burst, the beauty of blossom and bees busy at pollination. Now we have tiny, tiny cherries and can plan our 2017 open farm weekends.

Saturday and Sunday mornings December 9-10 and 16-17

We’ll open the orchard for you to pick-your-own on weekend mornings  December 9-10 and 16-17.  It all depends on the cherries so please check before you come.

Once we know more about how the season plays out with the weather we’ll be able to plan another open weekend either before or after. The season is so short so put it in your diaries now !!

Planning your visit

Cherries are best picked early in the morning, before the heat of the day. Fruit picked while still cool will stay fresh for longer. If you can come early that’s the best for the fruit, and for you as picking is much more enjoyable when its cooler! Bring something to take your cherries home in! Cherries are best packed in shallow layers so they don’t squash the bottom ones. Ideally also bring something to keep them cool if you’re travelling a long way or will stop on your way home. We do also have cherry cartons for sale. There’s much to explore and taste around the magical Mudgee region – if you’re travelling far you may like to arrive the day before to explore the region. Mudgee Region Tourism can help with accommodation and travel ideas

Don’t want to pick your own?

No problem! Our pickers will be out at dawn to pick, grade and pack cherries ready for sale. Regional deliveries to the North West NSW and South West Qld Yes! We’ll be delivering cherries to Narrabri, Wee Waa and Moree again this year. A few years ago we realised the madness that our cherries were reaching the market fresher in Hong Kong than they the wholesale market cherries sold just a few hours up the road in North West NSW! Now we deliver direct. If your school or community group is interested in a cherry drive fundraiser, please contact us and we’ll see what we can organise.

Keeping in touch As we get closer to the season we’ll be sending newsletter updates about any changes in the season, which varieties are ripe when and some yummy ideas of what you can do with all those cherries!

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ROTHWOOD Pickled cherries dished up at Moree on a Plate

The fabulous TV chef Lyndey Milan recently presented at the Moree on a Plate food festival.   In one dish she used our ROTHWOOD Picked Cherries … we heard so many  comments about how good this tasted!

“Thanks so much for your beautiful pickled cherries. They were amazing.  I put them on a cos lettuce leaf, with pecans and smoked duck. It was a winner!” Lyndney Milan OAM